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Living on Samui

Posted by InfoSamui on 12/07/2020
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Living on samui - beach

Here you will find comprehensive advice on how to make the transition to living on Samui a little easier. Many people visit Samui on holiday, only to fall in love with the island, and on the plane ride home, they start dreaming of ways to make moving to the island a reality. Of course, holidaying in a place and relocating to live there are completely different, and there are practicalities to consider. If you’re considering the big move, here we offer a little advice to make the transition to living in paradise a little easier.Culture shock

Settling in to a new country – Culture shock

Moving to a new country, as exciting as it is, can also be unsettling. If you’re moving from one country to another within Europe for example, the transition won’t be so difficult as cultures are similar. But moving to the East from a Western culture takes quite an adjustment. Things don’t work the same way, and the way you react to a situation in the West, may not be appreciated here. It’s advisable to get a good book on Thai culture before moving, to familiarize yourself with the local customs and culture. After all, nobody would want to unintentionally offend their new neighbours.

Most Thais are Buddhists, and a philosophy of Buddhism is tolerance. This means that no one would tell you if you were doing something offensive, and you could blissfully carry on certain actions for years, not realizing you were offending your new Thai friends. An example of this is topless sunbathing. Although this is widely accepted in Europe, it’s frowned upon in Thailand.

When coming to terms with a new culture, don’t forget that should you be relocating with children, they also need to be made aware of local customs. Children are creatures of habit and may feel completely overwhelmed by their new environment. Be sensitive to their feelings and help them to not only make new friends, but stay in touch with old ones too.


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